ABC PSP - Tutorial 01

Open Image / Save Image

By LismibaebisCreations
December 2005
Revised May 2020

Skill Level: Absolute Beginner using PSP
This is Lesson 01 of a series of tutorials for the absolute beginner with PSP.
It is recommended that you complete the tutorials in numerical order, as each new one will build on the knowledge gained by the previous tutorials

This tutorial is my own creation, any resemblance to another tutorial is purely coincidental

Program shortcuts will be given in parentheses

Settings are written out below the screen shots


Paint Shop Pro - I used X2
(Tutorial will work with other PSP versions, some adjustments might be necessary)
Free 30-day trial from Corel, available here

If you have another PSP version and do not understand the screen shots, email me and I will try to help you, I have several PSP versions from PSP 8 (the old Jasc version) to PSP 2020.

Open New Image

Whenever we want to do something with PSP, we need to open an image.
Depending on what we want to do, this is either a new image or an existing image.

File > New (Ctrl + N)



Width = 400 Pixels
Height = 400 Pixels
Resolution = 72.000 Pixels/inch
Raster Background = Checked
Color depth = RGB - 8 bits/channel
Color Transparent = NOT checked
click ok

Save Image

File > Save as


Click on the little arrow Screenshot to make the changes


Save in: = Desktop
File name: = abc1
Save as type: = JPEG


To share an image with somebody else save it as a JPEG.
If it has non-animated transparent parts save it as a PNG.
If it has animation in the image save it as a GIF.
This Image is not transparent, so save it as JPEG.

We don't need the image anymore, so close it by simply clicking on the "X" in the top right-hand corner


Open existing Image

File > Open (Ctrl + O)


Look in: Desktop
Double click on abc1 to open or
click on image and click "Open"


Delete Image

File > Delete

Click "yes"


You can delete the file as we do not need it anymore

I hope that you found this tutorial helpful.
If you have any questions, please email me: Lismibaebi at

A special "Thank you" goes to my Tester Group who helped me to get this tutorial first released in 2005.


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