ABC PSP - Tutorial 15

Misting an Image

picture of tut result

By LismibaebisCreations
25 November 2010
Revised April 2021

I have used my own photographs for this tutorial

Skill Level: Absolute Beginner using PSP
This is Lesson 15 of a series of tutorials for the absolute beginner with PSP.
It is recommended that you complete the tutorials in numerical order, as each new one will build on the knowledge gained by the previous tutorials

This tutorial is my own creation, any resemblance to another tutorial is purely coincidental

Program shortcuts will be given in parentheses


Paint Shop Pro - I used X2
(Tutorial will work with other versions)
Free 30 day trial from Corel, available here


- LismibaebiFlower_1.jpg, available here
- LismibaebiFlower_2.jpg, available here


20-20.jpg, available here

Performance Notes

This tutorial is in 3 parts:
- Preparation
- Option A (for images with central focus)
- Option B (for all other images)

The settings for different Tools and Effects will stay the same throughout the tutorial, unless new setting instructions are given

Don't forget to save your work often


Click on the arrow and drag it to mark the progress on this page.


1) Download the 2 images and the mask and open all 3 files in PSP

Option A

2) Activate Image "Lismibaebi Flower1.jpg"

3) Window > Duplicate (Shift + D)
Close Original

4) Layers > Promote Background Layer

5) Layers > New Mask Layer > From Image
Source window = 20-20.jpg
Source luminance = Checked
Invert mask data = Not checked

6) Layers > Merge > Merge Group

7) Layers > New Mask Layer > From Image
Source window = 20-20.jpg

8) Layers > Merge > Merge Group

picture of tut result

You are done!
This method is mostly useful for images with a central focus.
Applying the mask twice gives a "cleaner" appearance.

Option B

9) Activate Image "Lismibaebi Flower2.jpg"

10) Window > Duplicate (Shift + D)
Close Original

11) Layers > Promote Background Layer

12) Freehand Selection Tool
Screenshot of tool
Selection Type = Freehand
Mode = Replace
Feather = 75
Smoothing = 5
Anti-alias = Checked
Use all layers = Not checked

Screenshot of tool

13) Draw around the rosebush
See screenshot as guidance
You can draw a different shape!
I did not close the shape in order to be able to take the screenshot

Screenshot of tool

This is how looked when I finished drawing as the feather was added

Screenshot of tool

14) Selections > Invert

15) Edit > Clear

picture of tut result

16) Optional:
Edit > Repeat
as many times as you want

17) Selections > Select None

18) Selection Tool (S)
Create selection from Merged opaque

Screenshot of tool

19) Image > Crop to Selection (Shift + R)

Screenshot of tool

You are done!

You are welcome to use the images for other creations, but don't forget to give me credit if you do.

Suggestions for future ABC Tutorials are welcome

I hope that you enjoyed doing this tutorial. If you have any questions, please email me:
Lismibaebi at
I would love to see what you create with my tutorial.
Please link the tutorial to this page.

A special "Thank you" goes to my Testers who helped with the first version of this tutorial in 2010.
Your help, support and patience has made all the difference.


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