ABC PSP - Tutorial 3

Customizing Workspace

By ©LismibaebisCreations
August 2007

Skill Level: Absolute Beginner using PSP

This tutorial is my own creation, any resemblance to another tutorial is purely coincidental

This is part 3 of a series of tutorials for the absolute beginner with PSP.
It is recommended that you complete the tutorials in numerical order, as each new one will build on the knowledge gained by the previous tutorials


Paint Shop Pro XI
Free 30 day PSP trial from Corel, available here

As you become more familiar with PSP and start to create more, you might be interested in finding ways to make it faster and more straight forward.

One such way is by using Shortcuts like Shift + D if you want to duplicate an image.
I use this one all the time and include Shortcuts in my tutorials (well the ones I use, there are plenty more).

Another really helpful tool is to customize your Toolbar by including effects you often use.

Let's Start

1) Reset the workspace to factory default

File > Workspace > Load > Corel Paint Shop Pro Photo XI Default
(You have learnt this in ABC Tutorial 2 (Reset Workspace)

The top left should look like this:


If it doesn't:

View > Toolbars > Standard

2) View > Customize > Commands

3) To make space for the new commands, I deleted (right click and delete) several effects:
Rotate Right
Rotate Left
Zoom out
Zoom in
Yahoo Toolbar

4) I dragged (left click, hold down and then drag) the "i" icon to the left of the "Resize" icon in the Toolbar

5) Drag the commands you choose from the right hand side into the Toolbar

I started with
Image > Add Borders


The icons I dragged up:

From Image:
Add Borders

From Effects:
Inner Bevel
Drop Shadow
Last Used Plugin

Merge Visible

From File:
JPEG Optimizer
GIF Optimizer

This is how it looks now:


To make different choices, simply go
View > Customize
and then you can move the icons in the Toolbar, delete and/or add more

6) Saving your new workspace

File > Workspace > Save

I called mine:

I hope that you have found this tutorial helpful.
If you have any questions, please email me at: Barbara @

I would like to thank my Testers at LismibaebisCreations Testers:
Your help, support and patience made this possible


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