ABC PSP - Tutorial 8


By ©LismibaebisCreations
November 2007

Skill Level: Absolute Beginner using PSP

This tutorial is my own creation, any resemblance to another tutorial is purely coincidental

This is Lesson 8 of a series of tutorials for the absolute beginner with PSP.
It is recommended that you complete the tutorials in numerical order, as each new one will build on the knowledge gained by the previous tutorials

Program shortcuts will be given in parentheses

Photo of Venetian Masks

(Photo courtesy of stock.xchng)

People have been using masks for centuries to cover up their faces or parts of their faces.
In PSP we use masks to cover up parts of images.
PSP comes with a selection of different masks and it is easy to collect more.
Sometimes a mask is available for download with a tutorial.
If you put "PSP masks" into a search engine like Google, you will be spoilt for choice happy smilie
Probably the most used mask is called 20-20.


Paint Shop Pro - I used XI
Free 30 day PSP trial from Corel, available here

Mask 20-20, available here

Image abc3pict.jpg,
(you should have it in your ABC Folder, if not it's available here

Method A

1) Download and unzip 20-20 mask and open in PSP

2) Open abc3pict.jpg in PSP

3) Make sure image abc3pict.jpg is active

Window > Duplicate (Shift + D) twice

Close original image

Minimize one of the copies for later use

4) Layers > Promote Background Layer

5) Layers > New Mask Layer > From Image
Source Window = 20-20
Source Luminance = Checked
Invert mask data = Not checked


6) Layers > Merge > Merge Group

Not difficult, is it?
With this method, it is necessary to have the mask open in PSP.
If you do not save the mask in PSP, the program will run faster and more smoothly

There is another way

Method B

This method will let you browse the masks you have installed on your computer AND have the necessary "File Location" settings in place for PSP.
Instructions can be found in ABC Tutorial #7 Organizing PSP "Extras".

1) Download and unzip 20-20 mask.
Save it to the Mask folder and make sure that the File Location command is in place
(as explained in ABC #7)

2) Restore Up the second copy of your abc3pict image


3) Layers > Promote Background Layer

4) Layers > Load/Save Mask > Load Mask from Disk

Click on the little arrow to the left of the finger and then choose the 20-20 mask


Source luminance = Checked
Fit to canvas = Checked
Invert transparency = Not checked
Hide all mask = Checked

5) Layers > Merge > Merge Group

Sometimes, especially with the 20-20 mask, the edge of the image is not very nice. If that is the case, simply re-apply the mask once more.

You are now ready to add a new layer to your image and create a background for your masked image

I hope that you have found this tutorial helpful.
If you have any questions, please email me at: Barbara @

A special "Thank you" goes to my Tester Group.
Your help, support and patience made this possible


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