Arctic Circle SB Tutorial - Examples

This tutorial was initially written using the plugin 2manekenai(tm) MezzoForce-Ice - one of my absolute favourite plugins.

The plugin was sold and a new version with very limited function for free and a full version to buy was developed. It can't have been a success as it disappeared again quite some time ago.

The free MezzoForce-Ice version 103 was fully functional with XP, but with the introduction of Vista the problems started. It works with some computers and not with others. It worked with my old laptop with Windows 7 Home, but does not work anymore on my new laptop with Windows 7 Professional.

I have replaced it with Cybia EmbossWorks for this tutorial. The pattern comes out quite grey and not necessarily looking like anything.
However it can be "rescued" by using different blend modes and I want to show you some examples.

My favourite one using Multiply:

picture of tut result using multiply

This is how the Layers Palette looks:

picture of Layers Palette

Using Blend Mode Burn:

picture of tut result using burn

Using Blend Mode Color (L):

picture of tut result using Color L

Using Blend Mode Hard Light:

picture of tut result using Hard Light

Using a different image and only Light Foreground Color and Blend Mode Normal:

picture of tut result using Foreground Color

Experiment to find out what you like best and have fun!

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