Creating a © compliant Letter

By LismibaebisCreations
30 December 2010

Do you want others to respect the letters you create in Incredimail?

Then let us also respect the artist who made the image we are using to create the letter.

Think of it this way:
You have an orchard with lots of apples.
If you have a box outside your house and a notice "help yourself", compare that to "General Permission".
If somebody comes to your house and asks if they can have some of your apples, you may or may not be willing to give them, the decision is up to you. Compare this to a personal or a group permission.
If somebody gets into the garden and helps himself to your apples without seeking permission first, it is a different story...

Here you can download a list I collected of places where you can find free images to create © compliant stationery.
Please be aware that TOU (Terms of Use) can change at any time and permission withdrawn or an artist becoming PTU (Pay to Use). You always need to follow the TOU.
Please be aware that licencing companies are much more involved in protecting their artists' interests these days and will demand payment if they find out that somebody has used PTU art without a valid licence. It is also true that yahoo groups are being closed down over the illegal use of PTU art.

There are artists like Josephine Wall who allow their art to be used for non-profit.

If you like an artist, google their website and look for their TOU.
If you can not find it, try the contact page and send a polite email with your request.
You may or may not get a reply and it might be a refusal or a permission to use the art.

If you are given permission, make sure to carefully save the permission and be aware that this is personal to you and does not cover anybody else.

A great way to make © compliant stationery is if you use your own photographs.
Or may be one of your family or friends takes great photos? Ask and you will probably get the permission. Also ask about the TOU. It might be simply their name on the photo.

May be you create art on the computer, e.g. with vector?

What do you need to do?

1) Follow the TOU

Usually that means ©artist name and the artist's website on or very near the image and a clickable link in the footer of your stationery.
(Tutorial for making a clickable link in the footer: ABC Tutorial #11.)

You also have to add your name somewhere in the image (not in or on the art if at all possible). This can be very faint, it should not overpower the info of the artist.
Do not add a © to your name unless you are the original artist.

© is made by pressing the Alt key and 0169.

If you have a laptop without a separate number pad:
Hold down ALT and Fn and type 0169 using the alternative number keys.

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