Expanding & Scrolling IM Letters - Tutorial 3

Adjust Code for Expanding Letters

By LismibaebisCreations
27 June 2011

Skill Level: Intermediate/Advanced

IMSOM has kindly given me permission to use their code for the lessons in this group.
I have made some adjustments to that code.

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There are some changes you can make to the code, which will make it easier to use in the future.
I suggest that you save the file for all future expanding letters after making these changes.

You will have to adapt the footer code with every letter you create according to the instructions in this lesson.
All other changes (excluding footer area) to every letter you create are explained in Lesson 6.


ExpandingLBJune2018.txt, available here

Let's start

1) Download, unzip and save ExpandingLBJune2018.txt to your Lesson Folder

2) Open ExpandingLBJune2018.txt

3) Replace
with your email address
with the name you want to use


4) File > Save As
Give it a name you can easily identify later
You will use this adjusted code for all future Expanding Letters


Changes you have to make with every new letter:

5) If you want another font for your footer, replace Trebuchet MS with font of your choice
(You find it towards the bottom of the code)


6) Replace
with link to the artist's website.
with name of artist used


7) Replace
with link to the TOU of the artist used


If there is no link to insert, just use the text:
Used according to Terms Screenshot
Of course only, if you are indeed using the TOU (Terms of Use) of the original artist (not the tuber unless original artist and tuber are the same person!)

If you use an image with a personal permission:
Used with written Permission Screenshot

If you used an image with Group permission:
Used with Group Permission Screenshot
and link the word Group to the group

8) If you used your own image,
replace artist info and TOU with:
Image: ©NAME_AND_YEAR Screenshot
with your name and the current year

Example of my footer, making letter with my own photograph, available here
Example of my footer, making letter with an image used with "General Permission", available here
Example of my footer, making letter with an image used with "Personal Permission", available here
Example of my footer, making letter with an image used with "Group Permission", available here
If you can't see the codes, download the zipped file.

9) Replace
name of font you used for your letter


10) Replace
the current date, it might be month and year, or day, month and year


11) You might wish to add more text to the footer. Just remember to add Screenshot at the end of every line
(or it will later be visible as one long string of words only)

12) If you want to add an image to your footer, insert this code:


Replace 2011.jpg with name of your image.
Replace 220 and 56 with width and height of your image.

13) In the code a box for the footer text is included


Your background may be very busy and your footer text hard to read.
The box for the footer offers an easy solution.

If you do not want a background for your footer text, make the following changes:
- Change the border width to: border="0"
- Change bordercolor to: borderColor=""
- Change background to: background=""
- Change cellSpacing to: cellSpacing="0"
- Change cellPadding to: cellPadding="0"

14) How to make the background:
In PSP open a new file 10x10px and flood fill with your textbox color,
lower opacity as desired
and export as a .png file
(I named my file bgfooter.png).

15) The changes you need to make:
- Change borderColor="#675736" to a border color of your liking
- Change background="bgfooter.png" to your file name

16) You are allowed to make changes to:
- width: 50%
- border="3"
- cellSpacing="1"
- cellPadding="7"

While it might sound complicated to begin with to make the changes to the footer in the code only, it is much easier once you get the hang of it than doing it in Letter Creator.
I have a .txt file with the artist names and TOU lines of the artists I use, so I can copy and paste when I need them, which makes it so much easier.

If you have any questions, please email Lismibaebi at gmail.com.

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