Expanding & Scrolling IM Letters - Tutorial 12

Corner Letter


By LismibaebisCreations
1 February 2011 - Revised October 2014

Tutorial image: ©©Yvonne Brandts
Used according to Terms

The original code is from Grey Havens
(Corner Letter)
Used with written permission from Elentarien

You must link the tutorial to both
and this page

Skill Level: Intermediate/Advanced


Paint Shop Pro - I used X2
Letter Creator
HTML kit
Power Archiver

(ideal is a tube which is square or almost square)

CodeCornerL_Oct14.txt, available here

Performance Notes
This tutorial is in 6 parts:
- Preparation
- Corner Image
- Slicing
- Letter Creator
- Change Coding
- Make new .imf Letter

The settings for different Tools and Effects will stay the same throughout the tutorial, unless new setting instructions are given

Don't forget to save your work often

arrow Click on the arrow and drag it to mark the progress on this page.


1) Start > Documents

2) Open your Scrolling Letters Folder

3) Download, unzip and save CodeCornerL_Oct14.txt to your Lesson Folder

4) Open CodeCornerL_Oct14.txt
Personalize the footer section of the code according to Lesson 5
You can simply copy/paste the personalized footer section from your expanding letter code.

5) File > Save As
Give it a name you can easily identify later
You may wish to use this adjusted code for all future Corner letters

6) Make a folder for your new letter
Save all the images and files you will create to this folder

7) Paint Shop Pro
File > Open
Open image of choice

8) Window > Duplicate (Shift + D)
Close original

9) Dropper Tool (E)
Left click to choose a light Foreground color
(I chose #e7e5e8)
Choose a darker version of FG color as your Background color
(I chose #a099a3)

10) Image > Resize
Resample using = Bicubic
Lock aspect ratio = Checked
Resize all layers = Checked
Resolution = 72.000 Pixels / Inch
Height = Not more than 200 Pixels
Width = Will self adjust

11) Adjust > Sharpness > Unsharp Mask
Radius = 2.00, Strength = 10
Clipping = 5
Luminance only = Checked
(or a setting of your liking)

12) Edit > Copy

Corner Image

13) File > New
Width = 2400 Pixels
Height = 400
Resolution = 72.000 Pixels / Inch
Raster Background = Checked
Transparent = Checked

14) Flood Fill Tool (F)
Match mode = None
Use all layers = Not checked
Blend mode = Normal
Opacity = 100

15) Left click to flood with Foreground color

16) Adjust > Add/Remove Noise > Add Noise
Uniform = Checked
Noise = 5%
Monochrome = Checked

17) Layers > New Raster Layer

18) Selection Tool (S) > Custom selection
Top = 0
Left = 0, Right = 100
Bottom = 400

19) Flood Fill Tool
Right click to flood fill new layer with Background color

20) Selection Tool (S) > Custom selection
Top = 0
Left = 0, Right = 2400
Bottom = 100

21) Flood Fill Tool
Right click to flood fill with Background color

22) Selections > Select None

23) Magic Wand Tool
Mode = Replace
Match mode = RGB Value
Tolerance = 0
Use all layers = Not checked
Contiguous = Checked
Feather = 0
Anti-alias = Checked

24) Select the shape with Background color

25) Adjust > Add/Remove Noise > Add Noise

26) Effects > 3D Effects > Inner Bevel
Bevel = #2, Width = 31
Smoothness = 10, Depth = 10
Ambience = -10 (Minus)
Shininess = 30
Color = White, Angle = 315
Intensity = 30, Elevation = 50

27) Effects > 3D Effects > Drop Shadow
Horizontal & Vertical = 5
Opacity = 30, Blur = 15.00
Color = Black
Shadow on new layer = Not checked

28) Selections > Select None

29) Edit > Paste As New Layer

30) Move Tool (M)
Move Tube to top left


31) Effects > 3D Effects > Drop Shadow

32) Layers > New Raster Layer

33) Add © of Artist and any other info according to artist TOU

34) Layers > New Raster Layer

35) Add your watermark

36) File > Save As
Save as type = .PSPIMAGE
Save in layers, so that you can make changes later if necessary

37) Window > Duplicate

38) Close the file you just saved


39) Layers > Merge > Merge Visible

40) Make your top.jpg, middle.jpg and bottom.jpg files according to Lesson 4

The Top Slice needs to contain all of the Tube and Drop Shadow, © information, licence # and any text or other decoration you have added.
Write down height of your Top Slice.

The Middle Slice needs to finish above the lower bottom end of the Inner Bevel.
The Middle Slice will repeat itself as letter expands.

The Bottom Slice must contain the lower end of the Inner Bevel.
The Bottom Slice will not be used later.

This is how mine looks (the "Marching Ants" show where I sliced)


Letter Creator

41) Open Letter Creator

42) Make your LC file according to instructions in Lesson 5
set your Margins as follows:
Top = Height of your Top Slice
Left = 140
Right = 30

If your Middle Slice does not tile correctly, go back to PSP and slice again

43) Extract the files according to instructions in Lesson Lesson 5

Change Coding

44) Delete all code starting with the first Screenshot
(The text below the pink line)


Leave the code above the pink line (yours will look different to mine) intact

45) Open your personalized code based on CodeCornerL_Oct14.txt

46) Edit > Select All

47) Edit > Copy

48) Again with HTML-Kit:
Edit > Paste
(into the area you deleted)

49) Make the following adjustments to the Flavor.htm to suit your images:
You need to do this with every stat you create with this method.

- Replace top.jpg if you have a named your top slice differently

- Replace ...your image height... with height of your top slice

- Adjust the footer code

- Adjust text color (COLOR, text and SIGCOLOR)

- Adjust the link color (link, vLink, aLink)

- Adjust email text background color (bgColor)

50) File > Save

Make new .imf letter

51) Make new .imf file according to instructions in Lesson 9

When you write an Email with your Letter in IM, do not worry that the Top Slice seems to be below the To:/Subject: section,
it will all be right when the Letter is in the Inbox.

If you have any questions, please email Lismibaebi at gmail.com.

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