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For my picture I choose a Tinytube. I tried quite a few pictures, but found it more difficult than I thought to make a swatch and a background.

For my swatch I choose the colors:

picture of color swatch
  1. #EDEEF2
  2. #B4C8E4
  3. #7594C3
  4. #9C485A
#EDEEF2 is also my background color and
#9C485A my text color.

For my gradient I used colors #EDEEF2 and #7594C3.

picture of gradient

I made my patterned background with Paint Shop Pro.
I used color #B4C8E4 to floodfill a new file, applied Eye Candy Swirl and played with the settings until I had something I liked.
Then I used "Freezemenow" from Mezzoforce-Ice and changed settings to my liking.
As a next step I did Effects > Edge Effects > Enhance, added another layer with the color #B4C8E4, turned opacity down, merged visible layers and applied FM Tile Tools > Blend Emboss.
To finish I used Simple > Quick Tile.
This is how my pattern looks like:

picture of background pattern

I am partially sighted, so the choice of background, color, font, fontsize etc is extremely important to me.

text on patterned background text on plain background

If I am overwhelmed with information and/or hard to read text, I just switch off. Emails like this are deleted unread and websites exited straight away.
Whenever I create something, I try to do it according to my needs. Things might appear rather bold and lack detail and subtlety of the creative work of others.
I hope that my style of creating is helping other people with eyesight challenges, I know I am not the only one in the world with such problems.
And of course I hope that everybody else is also enjoying what I create.

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