Title of page picture of snowdrops

For this page I chose a photograph I took last year in my village. We are having a cold winter with very little sun and the snowdrops are not open yet (9th February 2006).

For the header image I did a Seamless Tile with the graphic, added Gaussian Blur, applied 4 Way Average from Simple Filters and finished off with Effects > Geometric Effects > Twirl.
I added a floodfilled layer with my light background color and placed it below the other layer.
I applied 20-20 Mask twice on the image.
With a copy of the photograph I applied the 20-20 Mask and Mask 133. I resized the image and pasted it onto the background I created.
I used my Mother's Day Tutorial to make a curved header text. I used the font Dupree at size 72 and used a gradient from 2 colors from my swatch, a slight Inner Bevel and light Drop Shadow.


For my swatch I choose the colors:

  1. #F5F8F2
  2. #B5D5A7
  3. #5E9047
  4. #2D5613
#F5F8F2 is also my background color and
#2D5613 my text color.


For the small background graphic I used the Arguld 4 Goldpattern. Then I used Adjust > Hue and Saturation > Colorize and changed the settings until I had something I thought would go with the rest of the page.

picture of gradient swatch


For the patterned background I used another copy of my photograph, Seamless Tile and Gaussian Blur as for the header graphic. Then I resized and applied the filter Italian Editors > Fiore and changed the settings until I had something, which seemed to go with the swatch. I also used a floodfilled layer with the second color from my swatch and turned opacity down until it matched even better. I used Quick Tile from the Simple Filters to make it seamless.

pattern background


For my divider I used the letter "j" from the Font "Seperate" and used the same Gradient, Inner Bevel and Drop Shadow as for my Header Text.


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