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In early 2004 I started creating my own letters for Incredimail and it is with great pleasure that I share my creations with others. They are for personal use only, but can be shared with friends and through Yahoo groups.

However, I would like to ask you NOT to rip my work apart. Do not use parts of my work and don't claim it as your own, that is stealing.

I often use my own photographs to create stats.
I have written permission from many photographers and artists to use their work for my creations. I also belong to a couple of yahoo groups with permissions from artists and occasionally buy art to use for my letters.
I have been a © compliant creator for a few years now and follow the Terms of Use (ToU) of all the artists I am using.
The previews of the letters all have visible extra credits as the ones on the letter itself can not be read on the resized screenshots of the finished letters.

I had not updated any letters on the website for a very long time and have decided to take all old ones down and re-do and include new letters.
Please be patient as this will be a very slow progress.
Thank you.

Many of my newer letters are expanding or scrolling and may contain scripts. You might have to change your IM and IE settings to see them correctly. Please email me at Barbara @ if you need help. Please note that IE9 stops many scripts showing correctly at the time of writing. You should be able to un-install IE9 and go back to IE8 if you wish.

All new letters are sent to the members of my Yahoogroup "LismibaebisCreations". Please subscribe to the group to make sure that you get all my new tutorials and stationery creations as they are released.

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