To download a mask click on the image. A new page will open, right-click on the mask and click on "Save image as..." and place into your "Mask" folder.
Although you can put all the PSP extras you collect straight into the Program Files for Paint Shop, this will slow down the program considerably. You might want to follow my instructions on how to set up folders in "My Documents" instead.
Don't forget to "tell" PSP to look for those folders (the instructions on how to do this are with the instructions about setting up the folders).

Below are popular masks by other creators, this includes masks I have used for my tutorials.

If anybody knows the creator of any of the masks, please let me know, so that I can give appropriate credit.

You can find my own Masks on the following pages:
- Full Graphic and Frame Masks
- Sideborder Masks
- Background Masks

Mask 20-20 Mask 179
20-20 179

Mask 202 Mask 204
202 204

Mask Conte Mask Edge Squares
Conte Edge Squares

Mask 006 Mask 039
Mask 006 Mask 039

Mask 158 Mask 193
Mask 158 Mask 193

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