Sideborder Masks

To download a mask click on the image. A new page will open, right-click on the mask and click on "Save image as..." and place into your "Mask" folder.
Although you can put all the PSP extras you collect straight into the Program Files for Paint Shop, this will slow down the program considerably. You might want to follow my instructions on how to set up folders in "My Documents" instead.
Don't forget to "tell" PSP to look for those folders (the instructions on how to do this are with the instructions about setting up the folders).

If you want the mask at top/bottom, rather than left/right, simply rotate your image left or right, apply the mask and rotate back again. Or open the mask in PSP, rotate the mask and use the path: Layers > New Mask Layer > From Image.

More of my own Masks on the following pages:
- Full Graphic and Frame Masks
- Background Masks

- Masks by other creators

Mask lbm02 Mask lbm04
lbm02 lbm04

Mask lbm17 Mask lbm18
lbm17 lbm18

Mask lbm19 Mask lbm20
lbm19 lbm20

Mask lbm21 Mask lbm34
lbm21 lbm34

Mask lbm56 Mask lbm58
lbm56 lbm58

Mask lbm60 Mask lbm66
lbm60 lbm66

Mask lbm67 Mask lbm69
lbm67 lbm69

Mask lbm70  

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