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Welcome to Lesson 3.
This page is quite simple, all I needed was to choose a graphic, make a backgrouund and then decide on some colors.

It is fascinating how the different colors come about easily with the coding.


Another way to enhance the look of a webpage is by using a "fancy font".
However, the problem is that a lot of viewers of your page might not have the font on their computer.
I am a real "fontaholic" and have well over a thousand fonts on my computer, but daily I am looking at things with a font I don't have.
If you don't have the font, which is being used, you will see it in the default font of your browser.

I used the font "GE Handsome Script" for this page. If you wish you can download the font here . Open it, minimize it, refresh this page and you should be able to see the page in that font.


Here you can also see what the font looks like without having to download it.

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