Filters and Plugins

General information about Filters and Plugins and their installation can be found here.
This includes the necessary dll files for Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and 8 (instructions for Win8 and Win10 are the same as for Win7).

In my tutorials I always give links for the filters and plugins I use for my tutorials.
With time, some filters and plugins are no longer available and I will offer for download those, which have been free to use.
Please let me know if you come across a link in a tutorial, which is no longer valid and I will try my best to make the filter or plugin available for download here.

Filters Unlimited 2.0 Patch
(Use if it is impossible to add more filters to your FU)

&<Bkg Kaleidoscope>
(To import into Filters Unlimited)

Email me (Lismibaebi at if you need a link for Filters Unlimited
AAA Frames
AAA Filters
(patched if necessary to work with Vista, Win7 and Win8)
(Free Pack)
Andrew's Filters 23
Auto FX Free (Mosaic)
(The FTU Mosaic part of DreamSuite Bonus)
Installation instructions at the bottom of Niesen Frame and BG Tutorial
Background Maniac
(patched to work with Vista, Win7 and Win8)
Birgits Chaos
(patched to work with Vista, Win7 and Win8)
The filters work in my Win10 (June 2022) and appear as DCspecial in my PSP X2
dsb flux
Fantastic Machines > PaintEngine
(Fantastic Machines website disappeared March 2015)

My collection of PaintEngine Settings
Filter Factory Gallery C
Filter Factory Gallery E
Filter Factory Gallery N
Filter Factory Gallery Q
FM Tile Tools
(Fantastic Machines website disappeared March 2015)
Forrest's Filters
FunHouse Filters
Gittes Plugins
(patched to work with Vista, Win7 and Win8)
Greg's Factory Output Vol. II
Impressionist Filter
Place the folder "Impressionist Accessories" in the same folder as "Impressionist.8bf"
Lotis Filters > Mosaic Toolkit v2.022****
(patched to work with Vista, Win7 and Win8)
****Old version needed to do my SB Tutorial Another Brick in the Wall.
The latest version for download as of April 2015 on "The Plugin Site" (Version 2.55a) no longer has the Style "Quilt".
MuRa's Meister Cloud
(patched to work with Vista, Win7 and Win8)
MuRa's Meister Copies
(patched to work with Vista, Win7 and Win8)
Mezzoforce Ice (Old free version)
Very much "hit and miss" whether it will work or not on your computer. Usually no problems at all with Windows XP, Vista more of a problem and Windows 7 often ok again. Try with a simple image first, before you do a tutorial, whether it will work or freeze your PSP.
Ormente Filters Filters
RCS Filter Pak 1.0
Scribe Filters
Simple Filters
Toadies Filters
VM (Visman)
- VM Distortion
- VM Experimental
- VM Extravaganza
- VM Instant Art
- VM Natural
- VM Toolbox
Xero Filters
Contains the classic freeware filters (all filters) and xl (5 newer versions of filters already included in the classic selection) in one download.

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